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Brand Strength, High Cost Performance, Standard Service, Considerate After-Sales Service

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Aipu Cpmpressor


Brand Strength, High Cost Performance, Standard Service, Considerate After-Sales Service

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Aipu Compressor

BOG compressors also called boil-off gas compressors, are widely used to recover natural gas and boil-off gas left after the unloading of LNG cryogenic tanks and CNG tankers. The boil-off gas recovery system would be recovered and pressurized to CNG refilling station or pipeline network to achieve the dual purpose of maximum economic efficiency and environmental protection.

BOG Compressor

The BOG Reciprocating Compressor will recover and compress the natural gas in the tank car after unloading the LNG tanker and the vaporized gas.

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LPG Compressor

LPG compressors are mainly used for the transportation and transformation of liquefied petroleum gas or gases with similar properties.

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CNG Compressor

CNG compressors commonly used in oil fields at home and abroad are mainly used in four fields: drainage and gas recovery, collection treatment, pipeline transportation and gas storage.

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Other Compressors

There are many types of gas compressors such as hydrogen gas and ammonia gas. Generally, they pressurize the gas to some desired pressure to meet people's demands although the compressing mediums are different.

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Compressor Solutions

Aipu, one of the oil and gas compressor manufacturers in oil and gas industry can be widely seen in the field of gas recovery and storage, oil and gas plants, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling stations, CNG filling stations, chemical areas, etc., its professional design and manufacture of oil and gas compressors with great prices meet the national standards and industrial requirements as well as the needs of users.

Welcome to Aipu China Professional Gas Compresssor Manufacturer

Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2002 relying on such location advantages. With the registry capital of 6 million RMB, the standard workshop of 4000 square meters, 8 technical and R & D personnel  and 3 senior engineers, our company is one of the leading reciprocating natural gas compressor manufacturers, focusing on the design, manufacturing and technical development of the recycle gas compressors including BOG compressors, LPG compressors, CNG compressors, ammonia compressors, reciprocating gas compressors, piston reciprocating compressors, natural gas reciprocating compressors, etc.


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Reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Flexible load adjustment, a wide range of air intake and wide application range.

The overall skid-mounted structure, low noise, which is convenient for urban installation and saves investment.


Each of Aipu compressors is customized and manufactured professionally by qualified engineers and skilled workers with quality parts and advanced technology in the field.

Applicable to severe working conditions.

Siemens PLC control system with high degree of automation and is convenient for remote control.

Fast after-sales service and technical support.

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