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Classification and Function of Packing Ring of Reciprocating Compressor

Classification and Function of Packing Ring of Reciprocating Compressor

1. Features and working principle of single-acting seal ring of reciprocating compressor

The single-acting seal ring of a reciprocating compressor is composed of a radial ring and a tangential ring, which serves as a single-acting seal. The radial ring must be installed on the high-pressure side. It is mostly used in standard main seal ring types.

Reciprocating compressor single-acting seal ring gas enters the cup groove of the stuffing box from the axial gap and the radial gap. The gas pressure acts on the tangential ring. The tangential ring interacts with the surface of the piston rod and the ring groove under the action of the gas pressure. The sides form a seal; the gap of the tangential ring notch is to return the gas in the stuffing box of the reciprocating compressor to the cylinder.

Under the action of the axial gas pressure, the packing ring assembly moves to the low-pressure side and closely adheres to the cup groove end surface of the next reciprocating compressor stuffing box, thereby forming a seal; under the action of radial gas pressure, the tangential ring forms a seal with the surface of the piston rod.

2. Features and working principle of double-acting seal ring for reciprocating compressor

The double-acting seal ring of various types of gas compressor is composed of two tangential rings, which play a double-acting seal. The double-acting seal ring is mostly used in low-pressure and vacuum conditions. At the same time, the intermediate stuffing box arranged on the intermediate cavity also adopts a double-acting seal.

A double-acting seal ring of a reciprocating compressor is generally provided with more stages than a single-acting seal ring. In principle, it is similar to a honeycomb seal. During normal operation, the pressure gas enters the packing cup groove through the axial gap, and the gas pressure causes the two tangential rings to act on the surface of the piston rod to form a seal. The two tangential rings are combined together, and the radial ring notch gap and the tangential notch gap are mutually staggered. If there is a throttle ring, the tangential gap should also be staggered to form an effective seal.

3. Structural features and application of pulsating seal ring of reciprocating compressor

The pressure acting on the packing seal ring forms an obvious periodic change with the reciprocating movement of the piston, that is, the pulsating pressure. In a double-acting cylinder, this periodically pulsating pressure is necessary for the packing seal ring sealing gas.

The pulsating seal ring of the boil off gas compressor is composed of two sets of radial rings and one set of tangential rings. After the gas passes through the chamfered radial ring, it passes through a set of beveled radial rings, and finally passes through the tangential ring to seal. Its characteristic is that it has an axial component of force. It is applied to the leakage seal on the flange side of the main stuffing box or the pulsation seal on the flange side of the oil scraping stuffing box.

4. Structural characteristics and application of choke ring in reciprocating compressor

The choke ring of recycle gas compressor is usually designed as a three-petal copper ring with a straight cut; the choke ring is arranged at the rear end of the tangential ring (on the side of the stuffing box end cover) and has a small gap with the piston rod. The function is to prevent the radial and tangential ring of the filled PTFE from deforming under high temperature and high pressure, and at the same time rely on its small circulation gap to achieve the effect of blocking flow. When installing the choke ring, the radial ring and the tangential ring are positioned by pins to ensure the misalignment of the gap between the two cuts. At the same time, pay attention to when assembling the choke ring, the cut gap must be staggered with the cut of the tangential ring.

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