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Compressor For CNG

Compressor For CNG

CNG Compressor is often used for medium size CNG filling station, especially for CNG standard and daughter station. It is a horizontal reciprocating (piston) compressor in oil and gas industry which is mainly composed of the main compression,anti-explosive electric motor, cooling unit,lubrication unit, internal connection pipeline, safety valve, and the blow-down valve, the PLC control cabinet, etc. Currently, this type of CNG booster compressor is widely used.

Standard CNG Filling Station

Standard, conventional or online stations are descriptions of similar types of CNG stations.

Standard stations take natural gas from a pipeline, compress it and dispense it into various types of vehicles directly.

Also, standard stations are used to fill CNG into mobile storage trailers, for daughter CNG stations, industries and city gas distribution systems.

CNG Plant Compressor

  • CNG compressor machine is of small location area and stable operation;

  • Vertical reciprocating piston compressor with a large discharge capacity range;

  • Oil-free lube structure design and operation;

  • High-pressure packing seal technology;

  • Skid-mounted, convenient transportation and installation.

CNG Compressor Application

Standard CNG Filling Station

Daughter CNG Filling Station

CNG company

Oil and gas treatment plant

CNG Compressor Working Principle
China CNG Compressor
CNG Compressor Machine
CNG Compressor Working

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