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Composition Characteristics and Parameters of CNG Gas Compressors

Composition Characteristics and Parameters of CNG Gas Compressors

At present, CNG compressed natural gas is used more and more widely, which is not only to meet the needs of people's daily life, but also to be used as automobile fuel.

The natural gas passes through the refueling station with a CNG compressor at an outlet pressure of 20 to 25Mpa, and then undergoes high-pressure deep dehydration, and is filled into high-pressure steel cylinder tank trucks for storage, and then transported to various cities to enter the pipeline network and CNG refueling stations. In this way, natural gas can be supplied to car users, resident users, commercial users and industrial and enterprise users.

The specifications of CNG compressors are usually divided into four types: V-type, D-type, W-type, and VFD-type. This series of CNG gas station compressors are equipped with purification devices, which can provide users with purified high-pressure natural gas. The whole machine is mainly composed of a fixed part and a moving part. It adopts an overall skid-mounted structure, which has the characteristics of high reliability, low noise and stable operation.

1. The components of CNG gas compressor

The CNG gas compressor is mainly composed of the main compressor, electric motor, coupling, flywheel, piping system, cooling system, electrical equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

2. The characteristics of CNG gas compressors

(1) The CNG gas compressor has good air-tightness: strict air-tightness testing is carried out from the air inlet to the air outlet, and there is no leakage under the pressure of 6.8KPa.

(2) Acid and alkali resistance: The passage from the air inlet to the air outlet is made of acid and alkali resistant plastic or rubber parts, which can pass weakly corrosive gases rich in moisture.

(3) The CNG natural gas compressor for sale has a long service life: the gas path and the circuit are strictly separated, and the electrical life will not be affected because the gas is rich in moisture.

(4) Simple structure: there is no external pipeline between the two symmetrical air chambers.

(5) The CNG gas compressor has good maintainability: it can be repaired by itself with simple tools and accessories.

(6) High utilization rate, saving cost and increasing profit.

3. Parameters of the CNG gas compressor

The CNG compressor parameters are mainly composed of inlet pressure, outlet pressure, flow range, lubrication method and cooling method. The specific parameters are as follows:

Compression medium: natural gas;

Flow range: 0.2 to 20ms/min;

Pressure range: 0.3 to 25.0MPa;

Application areas: used for pressurized transportation of natural gas that is fed into the pipeline network;

Power form: diesel-powered, electricity-powered;

Lubrication method: no oil, oil lubrication;

Cooling method: water cooling, air cooling, mixed cooling;

Structural form: fixed, mobile, skid-mounted, soundproof cubicle type.

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