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Countermeasure for Problems in Reciprocating Compressor

Countermeasure for Problems in Reciprocating Compressor

For the types of problems in the faults of reciprocating compressors' thermal performance, the main ones are insufficient displacement and abnormal temperature. 

The countermeasures for reciprocating compressors' thermal performance problems are as follows.

① For insufficient displacement:

a. If the intake air filter fails, the filter should be cleaned regularly to clean the dirt on the valve plate, which is beneficial to the air reciprocating compressor to maintain normal air displacement. Under normal circumstances, the filter should be cleaned every 200 hours, and the air valve should be cleaned every 500-800 hours.

b. Cylinders, pistons, and piston rings are severely worn out of tolerance, and the related clearance and leakage will be increased, which affects the displacement. For normal wear, the wearing parts, such as piston rings, should be replaced in time. If the installation is improper or the clearance is inappropriate, it should be corrected according to the drawings; if there is no drawing, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder should be along the circumference according to the experience data. When it is a cast iron piston, the clearance should be 0.06%- 0.09% of the cylinder diameter; when it is an aluminum alloy piston, the clearance should be 0.12%-0.18% of the cylinder diameter; if it is a steel piston, the clearance can take the smaller value of the clearance of the aluminum alloy piston.

c. The reciprocating compressor speed is reduced, because the air reciprocating compressor's discharge capacity is designed according to a certain altitude, suction temperature, and humidity. So all its use in plateaus that are not exceed the standard of the design will not cause the suction pressure to decrease and make the discharge reduce.

d. The quality of lubricating oil is not good. High-quality lubricating oil should be selected. After long-term work, the lubricating oil will contain impurities and dust, which must be filtered. In general, the oil should be changed every 500-800 hours and the oil used last time should be filtered.

② For abnormal temperature:

a. The inter-cooling efficiency is low, or the scale in the inter-cooler affects heat exchange, and the suction temperature of the latter stage will inevitably increase, so the exhaust temperature will also increase.

b. Air valve leakage and piston ring leakage will not only affect the increase of exhaust temperature, but also change the pressure between stages. If the pressure ratio is higher than the normal value, the exhaust temperature will increase.

c. The exhaust temperature of the water-cooled compressors will increase when there is water shortage or insufficient water.

The main types of faults of reciprocating compressors' mechanical function:

(1) Abnormal vibration and noise;

(2) Overheating.

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