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Daily Maintenance of Reciprocating Compressor

Daily Maintenance of Reciprocating Compressor

To ensure the long-term safe operation of reciprocating compressors, special attention should be paid to daily maintenance. First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the failure of the reciprocating compressor, pay special attention to the abnormality and vibration of the components of the reciprocating compressor, and strictly regulate the operation; secondly, carry out the fault tracking, strengthen the condition monitoring and maintenance management, and master the diagnosis and treatment of the fault method.

Specific to the daily operation of different types of compressors used in oil and gas industry, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Reciprocating compressors should strengthen the monitoring of lubricating oil

Carry out index analysis of lubricating oil on a regular basis. Replace unqualified oil products in time; try to control the oil pressure, oil temperature, and oil level within the allowable range.

2. Reciprocating compressors should pay attention to units with load regulators

Pay attention to the integrity of the load regulator of the standby unit, and perform regular activities to ensure that the load regulator is flexible and easy to use. Otherwise, if the reciprocating compressor is turned on under the load relief state, it will directly cause the pressure to be too high and the safety valve to jump.

3. Reciprocating compressors should pay attention to cranking

Make regular cranking of the standby unit, preferably before turning on the lubricating oil pump. The cranking before turning on is even more important. The daily cranking is at least once a week, so that the abnormal condition of the unit can be predicted in advance and low-level errors can be avoided.

4. The quality of reciprocating compressor cooling is related to the life of parts

In the long-term operation of the reciprocating compressor unit, close attention should be paid to the cooling of the process medium, cylinder, packing, and lubricating oil to prevent over-temperature.

5. Quality inspection and repair of reciprocating compressor

It must be inspected in accordance with the maintenance procedures. For example, the piston rod lock nut must reach the rated torque; the large-head bolts must not exceed the rated torque too much to prevent plastic deformation or fatigue damage of the bolts, and record the bolt length each time for future reference.

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