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Energy Consumption Analysis of Natural Gas Compressor Loading and Unloading Gas Supply Control Methods

Energy Consumption Analysis of Natural Gas Compressor Loading and Unloading Gas Supply Control Methods

Ⅰ. The operation of CNG compressor

Because the natural gas compressor does not rule out the possibility of long-term operation under full load, the motor capacity can only be determined according to the maximum demand when selecting the model. The margin for forming an air compressor system is generally too large. Traditional compressors use star-delta step-down start, but when the power frequency starts, the current can still reach 2 to 3 times the rated current, and the impact will affect the stability of the power grid.

Most of them are running consecutively, because the motor of the general CNG compressor itself cannot achieve speed reduction according to the change of pressure demand, so that the output power of the motor matches the actual pressure demand on site, resulting in no-load operation when the air consumption is low. , Resulting in huge power consumption.

Ⅱ. The control method of CNG compressor

According to statistics, natural gas compressors account for almost 15% of the power consumption of large industrial equipment (fans, pumps, boilers, etc.). The problem with the control method of loading and unloading gas supply: After energy consumption analysis, it is known that the loading and loading control method makes the pressure of the compressed gas change back and forth between Pmin ~ Pmax. Pmin is the lowest pressure value, that is, the lowest pressure that can guarantee the user's normal work.

In general, the relationship between Pmin and Pmax can be expressed by the following formula: Pmax=(1+S)Pmin, S is a percentage, and its value is roughly between 10% and 25%. However, if the frequency conversion speed regulation technology is used to achieve continuous adjustment of the air supply, the pressure of the pipe network can be maintained at the lowest pressure value, that is, near Pmin.

It can be seen that the energy consumed by the CNG compressor system under the control mode of loading and unloading gas supply is mainly in two parts:

1. The energy consumed by unreasonable pressure adjustment methods during unloading. Under normal circumstances, when the pressure reaches Pmax, the natural gas compressor uses the following methods to reduce pressure and unload: close the intake valve to make the motor idling, and at the same time vent the excess compressed natural gas in the separation tank through the vent valve. This kind of adjustment will result in a large energy consumption.

2. The pressure of compressed air exceeds the energy consumed by Pmin. After the pressure reaches Pmin, the original control method causes its pressure to continue to rise (until Pmax). This process is also an energy-consuming process.

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