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How to Judge the Quality of a CNG Compressor?

How to Judge the Quality of a CNG Compressor?

When the producing well is exploited, there will be natural gas in the casing pipe. If the pressure is high, it will affect the oil production. Originally, it is directly vented. One consequence is the environmental pollution and the other is a waste of energy. Therefore, CNG compressor is now used for pressurization recovery, which is not only conducive to oil production and environmental protection, but also is a good measure to maximize economic benefits.

The main components of the gas are methane, ethane, and C3H8 and C4H10. There will also be hydrogen sulfide and water mixed in it, and the composition is relatively mixed. Before the CNG gas compressor is used, it generally needs to be purified first to remove impurities and liquid free moisture. Then increase to different pressure levels according to the different needs of users.

The compressor dedicated to the CNG substation is called the CNG refueling substation compressor. The natural gas is input through the pipeline, and after being pressurized by the CNG compressor, it is directly stored in a fixed gas storage group (well) to fill CNG vehicles with compressed natural gas. So, how to judge the quality of a dedicated compressor for a CNG substation?

1. How to judge the quality of CNG compressor?

First of all, let's start with the components of CNG gas compressors. As we all know, a CNG compressor is composed of a compressor host, a motor, a coupling, a flywheel, a piping system, a cooling system, electrical equipment, and auxiliary equipment. The quality of these parts will affect the quality of the entire compressor of CNG refueling substation.

Secondly, check whether the discharge pressure of the CNG compressor machine meets the standard and whether it is stable. A good CNG substation dedicated compressor can provide continuous and stable pressure output. After-sales service is also very important. It is not only necessary to provide product warranty, but also whether the supply of repair parts is complete also determines the quality of a CNG refueling substation compressor.

2. Precautions for operating CNG gas compressors

A shut-off valve shall be installed on the incoming natural gas pipeline of CNG compressed natural gas refueling terminal. When the gas source is urban high- and medium-pressure transmission and distribution pipelines, a safety valve should also be installed after the shut-off valve. The shut-off valve and safety valve shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The shut-off valve should be set in a place that is easy to operate;

(2) The safety valve is a full open closed type spring safety valve, and its opening pressure is set as the highest working pressure of the natural gas pipe network outside the station;

(3) A shut-off valve should be installed in front of the safety valve on the safety valve adapter, and it should be in a normally open state during normal operation;

(4) The outlet of the dispersing valve of the safety valve should be higher than the building within 15m by more than 2m, and the distance from the ground should not be less than 5m. The dispersing valve of the safety valve can also be led to the centralized dispersing pipe in the station.

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