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Installation Points of Reciprocating Compressor

Installation Points of Reciprocating Compressor

The reciprocating compressor is mainly composed of motor, body, cylinder, buffer, separator and other parts, and is supplied separately. When the components are delivered to the site, the construction personnel need to clean up the components and strictly follow the operating specifications to gradually complete the installation.

(1) Main points of body installation

After the body foundation is installed, temporary tools, jacks, etc. should be used to adjust the position of the body to ensure that the vertical and horizontal center lines of the body base surface are consistent with the reference line. The error between the two should be less than 5 mm. At the same time, adjust the inclined shim to ensure that the elevation of the axis of the unit is consistent with the design elevation, and the error should be less than 3 mm. Finally, perform a grouting on the position reserved for the anchor bolt holes in the machine body. During the grouting process, ensure that the anchor bolts are in the middle of the base bolt holes. After grouting, it takes 5-7 days to cure and solidify the grouting layer.

(2) Main points of motor installation

In the installation of the motor, the compressor host can be used as a reference for leveling and alignment. When installing the motor, check carefully to ensure that the level of the motor is within 0.1 mm/m. For the motor shaft and the compressor host shaft, this is one of the key steps in the installation process. The motor of the reciprocating compressor uses sliding bearings. The position of the magnetic center line of the motor must be determined, and then the motor shaft and the compressor host shaft should be aligned. This process can be completed by adjusting the motor iron pad  to control the axial displacement deviation of the motor within 0.05 mm. After the debugging work is completed, the fundamental iron pad set of the motor and compressor should be spot-welded into a whole. After the second grouting, align the motor shaft and the compressor host shaft.

(3) Main points of crankshaft, connecting rod and cross-head installation

When accessories such as crankshafts, connecting rods, and cross-heads are shipped from the factory, oil seal is used to prevent rust. During the installation of accessories, these accessories must be cleaned first to ensure that the oil holes and grooves of these accessories remain unblocked. Paint and scrape the main bearing shell and the connecting rod head bearing shell to ensure good contact between these parts and the crankshaft journal, and the contact area should reach more than 80%. The lead wire method is used to check the gap between the crankshaft journal and the connecting rod head bearing shell and the main bearing shell. The gap between the crankshaft journal and the connecting rod head bearing shell is controlled within 0.12-0.21mm, the clearance between the main bearing shell and the main bearing diameter is controlled within 0.12-0.21mm, and the axial clearance between the main bearing positioning shell and the main bearing is controlled within 0.20-0.40mm. At the same time, the same method should be adopted to deal with the small connecting rod head bearing shell and pin bearing. The gap of the small connecting rod head bearing shell and cross-head pin should be controlled within 0.06-0.11mm.

(4) Main points of cylinder installation

Cylinder installation is based on the axis line of the middle slide-way, and check and align the center lines of cylinders at all levels. The inclination direction of the cylinder should be consistent with the inclination direction of the middle slide-way. If the direction is inconsistent, investigate the causes and take measures to solve it. It can be corrected by adjusting the cylinder support and the contact surface between the connecting cylinder and the reciprocating compressor. It is forbidden to use offset pads or other external forces for correction.

(5) Main points of packing installation

Sealing packing is an important part of the compressor, which can prevent leakage of the storage in the cylinder. Before the packing is installed, all parts should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that there is no oil pollution. Install according to the installation serial number, and adjust the sealing ring so that it is in the axial gap of the sealing cavity. Some problems should be paid attention to during the packing installation process: the packing cavity should be reinstalled in the order of the original number, otherwise the cooling water will be short-circuited; check the water circuit, oil circuit, and air leakage to ensure that they are unobstructed; perform a hydraulic test after installation.

(6) Main points of piston installation

Generally speaking, when the piston is manufactured, the sports piston rod of the piston has been connected and fixed in accordance with the corresponding requirements to form a whole, which does not need to be dismantled and reinstalled in the construction site. When installing the piston ring and the support ring, ensure that they can move freely in the groove, and the piston rings with different cuts should be assembled crosswise. Check the gap among the piston ring, support ring and piston ring groove during installation. The piston ring is connected with the cross-head in hydraulic way, and the clearance between the front and rear dead centers of the piston is checked by the lead pressure method after connection. In addition, check the dead center clearance and radial clearance between the cylinder and the piston to make the clearance value meet the relevant regulations. It should be noted that the bolts of the piston must be tightened with an electric heating rod during the installation of the piston, and other tools cannot be used to replace the electric heating rod to forcibly tighten the bolts; after the piston is installed, the flexibility of the connecting rod swing should be checked to ensure that the connecting rod swings flexibly.

(7) Main points of other components installation

The reciprocating compressor has a complicated structure and many parts. Pay attention to the main points of the installation of each part during installation. When installing the oil wiper, pay attention to the direction of the cutting edge of the oil scraper ring  and make sure that the cutting edge of the oil scraper ring faces the machine body. When installing the air valve, all parts of the air valve should be cleaned in all directions, and the sealing surface of the air valve should be protected and make sure that the suction and exhaust valves are installed correctly in accordance with the operating specifications. The installation of auxiliary equipment, such as buffers, separators, etc., should be operated in accordance with the construction drawings. Since the reciprocating compressor is prone to producing air pulsation, which will cause pipeline vibration, so the pipeline support should have reliability and anti-vibration ability to prevent pipeline vibration.

In short, reciprocating compressors should strictly follow the corresponding standards and continuously optimize their design, installation, and maintenance. The quality of the installation will affect the normal operation and service life of the equipment. The installation must be strictly checked to ensure that the installation quality meets the national specifications and the manufacturer's requirements and hence improve the installation quality.

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