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Introduction of the Pressurization Station Natural Gas Compressor

Introduction of the Pressurization Station Natural Gas Compressor

Natural gas is flammable and explosive, so its main risks are the risk of explosion caused by natural gas leakage and air entering the compression system as well as physical explosion caused by over-pressure. When the compressor lubricating oil supply is insufficient and the oil level in the crankcase is reduced, it will cause poor lubrication, increase the oil temperature, and result in accidents such as tile burning and piston jamming. If the oil is added too much, excess oil will flow into the combustion cavity during operation, which will cause backlog. And the equipment will not work properly.

In addition, whether the water quality meets the standard has a long-term impact on the safe operation of the compressor unit. Poor water quality will cause corrosion and blockage of the fuselage, cylinder block, pipeline, etc., and the equipment will even  be scrapped in severe cases.

The following is to identify the possible dangers in accordance with the equipment, environment and personnel activities in the production process of the natural gas compressor of the pressurization station.

1. Production equipment and environment of pressurization station

(1) The core equipment of the pressurization station is the natural gas compressor and attached gas engine, air cooler, etc.;

(2) Auxiliary equipment includes installation of cranes, fire water pipelines and hydrants, combustible gas detectors, video surveillance cameras, lighting facilities, axial fans and other auxiliary facilities for the overhaul of compressors in pressurization stations;

(3) The workshop adopts color steel tile and steel beam shed structure;

(4) Equipment that may be used in the maintenance of pressurization station equipment; generators, cranes, and transportation vehicles used by construction units; electric welders and gas welding for professional maintenance; cameras and video cameras carried by outside visitors.

2. Pressurization station personnel and main work activities

(1) The inherent production duty and management personnel of the pressurization station, external inspection visitors, construction personnel on site, professional maintenance and repair operations personnel, new employees or trainees and external equipment commissioning personnel, etc.;

(2) The main work activities include post inspection, process switching, equipment start (stop) operation; equipment maintenance, regular inspection, maintenance and repair operations; fire fighting, rescue and disaster relief.

3. Risk identification direction of natural gas compressor in pressurization station

(1) Fire of natural gas compressor system;

(2) Mechanical damage;

(3) Noise;

(4) Lubrication;

(5) Temperature.

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