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Compressor For LPG

Compressor For LPG

All the types of compressors in oil and gas industry are easy to operate and maintain, with small space and fewer pipes.

Characteristics of performance:

Smooth running, low noise, simple structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, etc.

Features of Aipu LPG Compressor

  • LPG gas compressor has piston type compressor, air-cooled, double cylinder, reciprocating compressor;

  • Oil-less for the packing nit, splash lubrication for crosshead, connecting rod and crankshaft;

  • Protect system consist of Cut off valve, float, safety valve;

  • Turn the four-way valve, from unloading condition to recovery residual gas condition.

Aipu Gas Compressor for LPG Plant

  • Loading and unloading of LPG tank truck and vessel.

  • Bottle filling and tank decanting of LPG and similar media.

  • Our LPG compression fittings can also help the recovery of LPG residual air and liquid.

  • Tail gas recovery in the process of producing Chemical products.

  • Vacuuming, etc.

Aipu, as one of the leading reciprocating natural gas compressor manufacturers, has various LPG compressors for sale. Contact us now to know more!

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