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Noise Analysis of Crosshead and Valve of Reciprocating Compressor

Noise Analysis of Crosshead and Valve of Reciprocating Compressor

1. The noise of the crosshead of the reciprocating compressor

When the piston of the reciprocating compressor reciprocates, the crosshead pin transmits the reciprocating inertial force of the piston to the crosshead, thereby generating an impact on the crosshead.

There are many different types of reciprocating compressors, various compressor machines would have the same noise problem. For example, boil off gas compressor and CNG booster compressor would have the same noise when working.

Because of the viscous resistance acting on the crosshead pin, the force that impacts the crosshead is the most serious when it is at the dead point. The force on the crosshead is finally balanced by the crosshead sliding shoes and becomes the percussion of the crosshead on the sliding shoes, which generates noise. This kind of percussion will occur many times in a reciprocating compressor working cycle. At the same time, the weight of the crosshead itself makes the percussion on the slideway more serious.

2. Noise of reciprocating compressor valve

With the opening and closing of the gas valve of the reciprocating compressor and the change of the gas flow at the gas valve passage, the gas sound and structure sound at the gas valve are caused. The valve disc impacts the lift pad when it is opened and impacts the valve seat when it is closed, resulting in two noises during a working cycle.

The shock noise generated when the reciprocating compressor is turned on is mainly related to the natural frequency and structure of the lift pad, and the shock generated when it is closed is related to the natural frequency of the valve seat, valve plate, cylinder head, and other systems.

The intensity of the noise is related to the quality of the valve plate and the impact speed. The high-speed airflow flows through the air valve channel of the reciprocating compressor compressors, generating a large number of vortexes, thereby forming high-frequency airflow noise.

For the air valve with excessive spring force of the reciprocating compressor, the valve plate will flutter, and the flutter will increase the number of hits on the valve seat or lift pad, thereby increasing noise; when the spring force is too small, the valve plate will delay If the closing or closing is not tight, the airflow will be reversed at this time, which will cause the self-excited vibration of the elastic valve plate to generate noise.

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