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Precautions and Preventive Measures when Using the Air Valve of Reciprocating Compressor

Precautions and Preventive Measures when Using the Air Valve of Reciprocating Compressor

Reducing the impact force is an important measure to extend the life of the valve plate. In order to improve the service life of the reciprocating compressor air valve, when designing and manufacturing, on the one hand, materials of small quality should be used as the valve plate; on the other hand, the lift height should be reduced as much as possible in the structure and the spring force should be increased. In addition, the following precautions and preventive measures should be paid attention to when using the reciprocating compressor valve in different types of gas compressor:

1. All parts of the reciprocating compressor must be purchased according to the standard, especially the valve plate and spring.

2. When assembling the air valve of the recycle gas compressor, check all parts according to the drawings. In particular, the lift washer directly affects the lift height of the valve plate. If the lift height is too large, the impact kinetic energy of the valve plate will be large; if the lift height is too small, the power consumption will increase.

3. Keep accurate reciprocating compressor air valve work records, and formulate an overhaul period according to the characteristics of the air valve, and regularly replace the air valve. At the same time, check the operation status of the air valve frequently, and judge whether the air valve is operating normally by observing and analyzing the changes in pressure ratio and temperature at various levels, touching the ears, and listening.

4. Carry out correct maintenance on the air valve of the boil off gas compressor in strict accordance with the specified interval. The main content of the maintenance is cleaning and inspection and airtightness inspection. When cleaning, the cracks on the valve are often obscured by grease and are not easy to see. They can only be clearly displayed after cleaning. In fact, due to poor inspection, the valve continues to be installed and operated when there are minor defects such as cracks and unevenness, which will gradually expand the failure of the valve.

5. If a valve spring is damaged, all springs of the valve need to be replaced together to ensure that the spring force acts on the valve plate evenly. Keep records of valve maintenance. Considering the service life of wearing parts, the valve discs and springs of the reciprocating compressor must be replaced after 400 hours of continuous use. The life value of the valve seat is 8000 hours, and replacement should also be considered when the time limit is reached.

6. Regularly check the sealing condition of the cylinder water jacket or cylinder plane of the reciprocating compressor, as well as the intact condition of the intercooler, and deal with the problem in time to avoid the strong impact of the cooling water entering the cylinder and damaging the valve plate.

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