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M-type CNG Compressor

M-type CNG Compressor

The CNG compressor package includes an M-type CNG compressor unit, which is an integral skid-mounted compressor unit, which is specially designed for compressed natural gas filling stations. It complies with JB/T10289 "Natural Gas Compressor for Automobile Gas Stations", JB/T9105 "Technical Conditions for Large Reciprocating Piston Compressors" and GB50156-2002 The standard of "Code for Design and Construction of Automobile Refueling Stations", manufactured by Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

This type of CNG compressor package is mainly composed of a compressor host, an explosion-proof main motor, a coupling and a non-sparking guard, an intake filter, a separator at all levels, a process pipeline system, a cooler, a control system, a base, etc. The intake and exhaust of the compressor, the drain of the separator, the venting of the safety valve, the power cable sheath, and the control cable piping are connected to the skid side.

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M-type CNG Compressor

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