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V-type BOG Recovery Compressor

V-type BOG Recovery Compressor

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V-type BOG Recovery Compressor

Features of V-type BOG Recovery Compressor

  • Designed for specific process, stable and reliable bog compressor operation.

  • Leading technology, convenient maintenance, and good sealing.

  • The overall skid-mounted design, low noise, save investment.

  • High boil off gas recovery system efficiency, low operation and maintenance costs.

  • The system has a high degree of automation, convenient remote monitoring, and safe equipment operation.

Application of V-type BOG Recovery Compressor

This boil off gas compressor for LNG plant has multiple applications like LNG filling station, L-CNG filling station LNG gasification station, LNG storage and distribution station, LNG peak shaving station, LNG liquefaction plant and other LNG operating companies

Technical Parameters and Specifications of V-type BOG Recovery Compressor

No.ModelInlet temp.Capacity (Nm3/h)Inlet pressure (Mpa)Outlet pressure (Mpa)Motor power (KW)Outline measurement (mm)

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