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Z-type LPG Compressor

Z-type LPG Compressor

Z-type liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) compressor is a skid-mounted, vertical, single-acting, air-cooled, non-lubricated, reciprocating piston structure unit. 

This kind of gas compressor is composed of the main engine, explosion-proof motor, coupler, protective cover, intake and exhaust valve, gas separator, filter, piping system, cooling system, control system, chassis, etc. The LPG compressor unit is advanced in design, well-manufactured and stable in operation. Safe and reliable, low noise, no leakage, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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Z-type LPG Compressor

Z-type LPG Compressor Features

The packing parts are oil-free to ensure the purity of the medium when it works

The crankshaft, connecting rod and cross-head components are splash lubricated to ensure the reliability of the movement.

Complete system, simplified and practical pipeline valve configuration

Smooth operation, small vibration and low noise

Compact structure, convenient and safe operation, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Z-type LPG Compressor Application

As one of the leading LPG compressor manufacturers in the market, our liquefied petroleum gas compressor, mainly used in gas loading, unloading, pouring, gas recovery, LPG storage stations and so on.

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