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Reasons for Failure and Damage of Gas Valve of Reciprocating Compressor

Reasons for Failure and Damage of Gas Valve of Reciprocating Compressor

Ⅰ. Symptoms of reciprocating compressor valve failure

1. Symptoms of leakage of suction valve of reciprocating compressor

(1) The temperature of the valve rises significantly, and the valve cover heats up;

(2) If the suction valve of the high-pressure reciprocating compressor leaks, the air pressure in the intercooler will increase;

(3) The intake and exhaust temperature of the cylinder increases;

(4) The flow rate of the air compressor is reduced.

2. Symptoms of a leak in the exhaust valve of a reciprocating compressor

(1) The valve and bonnet are abnormally hot;

(2) The exhaust temperature is increased;

(3) The air pressure of the intercooler is increased (leakage of the back-stage exhaust valve) or decreased (leakage of the front-stage exhaust valve);

(4) The flow rate of the air compressor is reduced.

Ⅱ. The reason for the damage of the reciprocating compressor valve

In each working cycle, the valve plate of the reciprocating compressor collides with the lift limiter and the valve seat once each. Actual use shows that the damage form of the valve disc:

1. Radial fracture caused by impact load, which belongs to fatigue damage caused by multiple impacts with small energy;

2. The stress concentration caused by the internal defects of the valve material of the reciprocating compressor will become the source of fatigue damage under the action of cyclic load;

3. The valve plate of the reciprocating compressor produces friction and wear between the valve plate and other parts during operation, causing the valve plate to fail;

4. The air valve of the reciprocating compressor is surrounded by the medium when it is working, and is eroded and corroded by the medium at a high speed. The protective film on the surface of the valve plate is destroyed, and corrosion pits or cavities appear on the valve plate.

In addition, carbon deposition is also a form of damage to the valve of a reciprocating compressor. Carbon deposition is mainly caused by long-term oil injection of the cylinder or impurities in the compression medium. Carbon deposition is very harmful and can accelerate the wear of piston rings and support rings and shorten the service life.

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