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Research Status of Diagnostic Methods for Industrial Reciprocating Compressor

Research Status of Diagnostic Methods for Industrial Reciprocating Compressor

The machine that is widely used in industry is the industrial reciprocating compressor. Up to now, its fault diagnosis is relatively complicated, so domestic and foreign scholars have been paying attention to its research.

American scholars used the image of the pressure signal inside the cylinder to judge the failure of the valve and the wear of the piston ring; the Czech scholars established a regular parameter database based on more than a thousand different types of compressors to determine the evaluation parameters to judge the compressor's working status.

In China, some experts have conducted simple analysis on the vibration signal of the cylinder head of a recycle gas compressor, and others have conducted research on the influence of the cylinder head vibration signal on the gas pressure in the cylinder. In order to change the situation where compressor operators use their ears, eyes, and eyes to judge faults based on experience, and obtain test results obtained through actual strong evidence, some scholars have paid a lot of effort in the monitoring and control of conventional performance parameters of compressors.

However, due to the relatively complex structure of industrial reciprocating compressors, according to the current research status and research data, we need to improve the initial use of expert systems and neural network technology in the field of computer technology and artificial intelligence, so that there can be a set of fault diagnosis technology in the field. A diagnostic system that is mature, universally recognized and widely used like rotating machinery is available for selection and obtains the effective characteristic parameters of the working state of the industrial reciprocating compressor.

It is not sufficient to determine and try to make up the characteristic parameters based on experience or assumptions, and then the method of experimental verification is not sufficient, and the optimal characteristic parameters cannot be found, and there is still a certain discrepancy with the actual application. This is not commensurate with the important position of reciprocating compressors in the industry.

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