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Routine Maintenance and Maintenance of Natural Gas Compressor

Routine Maintenance and Maintenance of Natural Gas Compressor

Ⅰ. Routine maintenance of natural gas compressor

In order to reduce the damage of compressor parts and prolong the service life of natural gas compressors, daily maintenance and maintenance are very critical and necessary.

The daily maintenance work of natural gas compressors mainly includes: regular lubrication and oil change of the equipment, anti-corrosion work of the equipment, and regular calibration of the accuracy of the equipment, etc. In this way, the wear and failure of the parts can be minimized, and the equipment can be in normal working condition as much as possible.

Ⅱ. Maintenance methods of natural gas compressors at different times

The specific maintenance process is generally divided into quarterly maintenance, semi-annual maintenance and annual maintenance according to time.

1. Quarterly maintenance of natural gas compressors

1) The vent system should be cleaned and checked every quarter. The purpose is to observe the sensitivity of the solenoid valve action. The cleaner the vent system is, the more sensitive the solenoid valve action will be.

2) Clean the copper-based sintered filter in front of the solenoid valve and try to make it clean and free of dirt. 

3) Consider whether to replace the filter element according to the specific usage and environmental factors of the filter.

4) Air valves at all levels should also be cleaned thoroughly and carefully to remove carbon deposits as much as possible.

5) Clean the outside of the natural gas compressor to ensure it is clean and free of dirt. Change the compressor oil according to the specific situation.

6) After the cleaning work is completed, the movement structure of the compressor should be proofread and inspected. For example, check the tightness of the V-belt, the lubrication condition of the main motor and adjust the gap between the components to ensure the flexibility of the work process.

7) Pay attention to the full blowdown of the separator, emptying gas collection pipe, filter, recovery tank, etc.

2. Semi-annual maintenance of natural gas compressors

1) Check whether the pressure gauge is qualified and whether the action value of the pressure controller is within the specified range.

2) Check whether each movement mechanism of the natural gas compressor is operating normally and whether the action value is flexible.

3) Check the performance of the safety valve of the gas storage tank to ensure that it is opened in time within the safe use range at the highest pressure.

4) Carefully clean the outside of the natural gas compressor and the inner cavity of the gas storage tank. Check whether the compressor and suction filter are clean and whether they need to be replaced.

5) Check the pipeline carefully to prevent air leakage.

6) Test motors and electrical appliances to ensure their normal operation.

3. Annual maintenance of natural gas compressors

1) Send the compressor to the unit designated by the Labor Bureau for testing and proofreading of the safety valve.

2) Check the cooling fan, check valve and other parts.

3) Replace the coolant.

4) Conduct a comprehensive inspection of hydraulic cylinders, stepping motors, stepping limit devices, etc.

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