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Warranty of Quality

In addition to meeting all the technical specification requirements in the above scheme, the seller also provides the product qualification certificate.

Accessories and supporting equipment must meet the relevant provisions of the above scheme and the requirements of factory and industry standards with the product certification.

The buyer shall have the right to send its representatives to the seller to inspect the manufacturing process and the quality of the goods in accordance with the contract and to check whether the components and materials used in the contract meet the standards and the requirements listed above.

During the warranty period, the Seller shall replace the new parts for the Buyer free of charge until the structure of the equipment is improved and the defect is removed if the parts of the compressor are damaged due to poor manufacturing or improper design,  

If the equipment fails to meet one or more technical index guarantee values in the above-mentioned scheme during the acceptance test, the Seller shall take effective measures immediately and unconditionally to make it meet the guarantee index before putting it into operation.

After-sales Service Commitment

After the equipment arrived on-site, the buyer shall notify the seller of the opening time, and the seller shall send someone to open the box at the scene. The buyer is in charge of the equipment in place. The seller sends someone to supervise and debug the equipment, responsible for solving the technical problems inside the equipment and the wiring inside the equipment. The buyer informed the seller two days before commissioning that the seller should send someone to the site for commissioning within the prescribed time.

The Seller shall carry out the guarantees for the whole set of the natural gas booster compressor within one year after the equipment meets the qualification of inspection and operation. The seller should respond within 24 hours after receiving the notice from the Buyer.

The Seller shall guarantee to provide the Buyer with the qualified spare parts for the equipment purchased by the Buyer for a long time, and shall not stop the supply of spare parts for any reason, and guarantee the quality maintenance spare parts in time with the best prices.

In case of an abnormal problem in the operation of the equipment, the Seller shall be obliged to assist the Buyer to analyze and solve the problem.


After-sale Service

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