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The Fault and Mechanism of Reciprocating Compressor's Thermal Performance

The Fault and Mechanism of Reciprocating Compressor's Thermal Performance

1. The types and causes of the thermal performance faults of common reciprocating compressors are various. 

From related data and researches, it can be known that the main causes of thermal performance faults of reciprocating compressors are the damage of the packing box, the air valve and other wearing parts. The fault of the packing box greatly reduces the displacement and makes the pressure ratio imbalance.

Statistics show that valve faults account for 60% of the total number of reciprocating compressor faults. Valve faults can cause pressure ratio imbalance, increase in exhaust temperature, and decrease in exhaust volume. In severe cases, the cylinder can even be scraped and thus the unit can be useless. During the actual production, field operators often make diagnosis based on it.

2. The fault and mechanism of reciprocating compressor's mechanical function

The types and causes of the mechanical function faults of common reciprocating compressor are also manifold.

Typical mechanical faults in the production process include valve plate chipping, cross-head and piston rod fracture, piston ring fracture, cylinder cracking, cylinder and cylinder head fracture, crankshaft fracture, connecting rod fracture and deformation, connecting rod bolt fracture, piston sticking and cracking, fuselage fracture and tile burning, motor failure, etc.

Practice has proved that the diagnosis of valve faults is very significant in the diagnosis of reciprocating compressor faults, but piston rod fracture and cracking are more common. Due to the large number of moving parts, most of the faults are mechanical function faults.

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