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The Intake and Surface Noise Analysis of the Reciprocating Compressor Pipeline

The Intake and Surface Noise Analysis of the Reciprocating Compressor Pipeline

1. Intake noise of reciprocating compressor pipeline

The speed pulsation or pressure pulsation of the gas in the intake pipe will cause the gas sound radiation at the intake port of the reciprocating compressor, which is the intake noise.

Since the intake port of a general air reciprocating compressor is connected to the atmospheric side, the intake noise is often much larger than the main noise of other parts. Therefore, the intake noise of the air reciprocating compressor is the total noise of the reciprocating compressor.

On the one hand, there is speed or pressure excitation at the acoustic inlet of the intake system of the reciprocating compressor, which causes the forced vibration of the air column; on the other hand, the natural frequency characteristics of the air column in the intake piping system cause the air intake. This is the main reason that causes air noise peaks.

2. Surface noise of reciprocating compressor

The various pulsating pressures generated inside the reciprocating compressor are transmitted to the outer surface of the reciprocating compressor mechanism through their respective propagation paths, causing wall vibrations and radiating air noise around the machine.

The parts of the reciprocating compressor, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, piston rod, piston, etc., are all elastic parts, and mostly belong to the connection method of bolts and nuts to form the internal force transmission mechanism. Under the action of isokinetic load, local elastic vibration is formed, causing external surface vibration and noise.

When the natural frequency of some accessories on the outer surface of the reciprocating compressor coincides with the excitation frequency of the vibration of the reciprocating compressor body structure, strong vibration will also occur. Because these accessories are often plate and shell structures, there is too much noise.

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