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The Main Composition of CNG Gas Compressor Unit

The Main Composition of CNG Gas Compressor Unit

The unit is mainly composed of: engine, compressor, pressure vessel, fuel gas system, automatic control system, cooling system, lubrication system, starting system, etc. These devices are combined into a whole through connection, and the CNG gas compressor is equipped with a sensitive sensor to alarm and stop.

Once an abnormality occurs in a system, the sensor sends a signal to the ECM. The ECM compares and analyzes the received data with the system setting parameters, and finally sends an alarm or shutdown signal to force the CNG gas compressor to stop running, thereby ensuring the safety of the equipment.

The engine is connected to the CNG compressor machine through a coupling, which drives the compressor unit to move in reciprocating piston motion to achieve compression of the gas. The pressure vessel mainly plays a role of filtering, washing and buffering.

As the monitoring and information transmission of the whole system, the automatic control system ensures the safe operation of the whole system.

The cooling system mainly uses antifreeze to cool the parts of the engine and compressor that need to be cooled to ensure that the temperature of the entire system is within the normal range. The normal operation of the entire system mainly depends on whether the lubrication is good. If the lubrication is not good, it will cause serious internal wear of the equipment and even cause journal sticking.

The starting system, as the initial power for the operation of the equipment, also affects whether the equipment can start and run smoothly.

In short, all systems of the CNG gas compressor unit are indispensable, and the internal structure is coordinated to ensure the safe and stable operation of the entire system.

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