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The Role of BOG Gas Compressor for CNG Filling Station

The Role of BOG Gas Compressor for CNG Filling Station

Ⅰ. The role of boil off gas compressor

Boil off gas compressor, also known as BOG natural gas compressor, is a device for recovering pressurized BOG gas. Boil off gas compressors are widely used in the recovery of natural gas after unloading LNG tank trucks and the boil-off gas from LNG cryogenic storage tanks. They can compress the gas into CNG for refueling natural gas vehicles, or pressurized input gas pipeline network.

Therefore, it can be seen that the BOG natural gas compressor is very useful. It can not only solve the problems of slow recovery of tank trucks, unstable pressure and waste of resources, but also increase unit recovery efficiency and solve the contradiction of low BOG recovery efficiency and long recovery time.

Ⅱ. Differences between boil off gas compressors and other natural gas compressors

Boil off gas compressor is a kind of natural gas compressor. Other types of natural gas compressors also include coal gas compressors, CNG gas station compressors, wellhead gas compressors, biogas compressors, etc.

BOG gas is a kind of liquefied natural gas flash steam. Therefore, the differences between BOG compressor and other natural gas compressors are its simple structure, small size, lower maintenance cost, high utilization rate, and improved profit.

Ⅲ. The role of Boil off gas compressor for CNG filling station

In CNG refueling, the recovered BOG gas can be recompressed into CNG for refueling natural gas vehicles, or pressurized into the gas pipeline network.

The natural gas is imported through pipelines, pressurized in the Boil off gas compressor, and stored in a fixed gas storage cylinder group (well) to fill CNG vehicles with compressed natural gas or do this directly without the storage.

1. Product parameters:

(1) Z-type vertical: displacement≤ 3m3/min, pressure 0.02MPa-4Mpa (make a choice according to actual needs).

(2) D-type symmetrical type: displacement≤10m3/min, pressure 0.2MPa-2.4Mpa (make a choice according to actual needs).

(3) V-type exhaust volume ranges from 0.2m3/min to 40m3/min, exhaust pressure ranges from 0.2MPa to 25MPa (make a choice according to actual needs).

2. Product features:

(1) The product has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, compact structure, stable operation, safety and reliability, and high level of automation. It can also be configured with a digital remote display and control system according to customer requirements.

(2) The product has the alarm and shutdown functions of boil off gas compressors such as low oil pressure, low water pressure, high temperature, low intake pressure, and high exhaust pressure, which enable the compressor to run more reliabl.

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