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Use of Stuffing Box for Reciprocating Compressor

Use of Stuffing Box for Reciprocating Compressor

Among the equipment of refining and chemical enterprises, the industrial reciprocating compressor is one of the core equipment of the plant. Whether the operation is stable or not directly affects the safe and stable operation of the device and the economic benefits of the enterprise.

1. Important components of reciprocating compressor

The stuffing box is one of the important parts of the reciprocating compressor, and most of the industrial reciprocating compressors transport flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful high-pressure gas. If a malfunction causes a leak, it will cause a greater safety hazard; at the same time, the stuffing box The operating period also determines the overhaul period of the reciprocating compressor.

2. The function and composition of the stuffing box of reciprocating compressor

The function of the reciprocating compressor stuffing box (sealing packing) is to prevent the high-pressure gas in the cylinder from leaking outward along the piston rod. The stuffing box of reciprocating compressor includes at least one stuffing box. The stuffing seal body is mainly composed of tie rods, glands, flanges, O-rings, water cooling channels (cooling jackets), stuffing box bodies, gaskets, and seals. It is composed of ring, decompression ring and choke ring.

The packing ring seal commonly used in reciprocating compressors is a dynamic seal. When there is a certain pressure difference between the cylinder and outside the cylinder, the tangential ring and radial ring of the packing seal ring form a sealing surface under the action of the process gas pressure to seal effect.

After a long time of operation, the packing ring seal is repeatedly rubbed, and the sealing effect is gradually weakened. Generally, the service life of the seal ring largely determines the maintenance cycle of the reciprocating compressor.

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