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Vibration of Reciprocating Compressor Pipeline Causes Failure and Elimination Measures

Vibration of Reciprocating Compressor Pipeline Causes Failure and Elimination Measures

Ⅰ. Reasons for the vibration of the reciprocating compressor and its pipeline

1. Caused by improper design of unbalanced foundation of unit vibration. In the assembly process of the reciprocating compressor, due to technical or quality problems, the assembly error of the unit is large, which causes the balance of the unit to deteriorate and vibration. Too small basic mass of reciprocating compressor can also cause the compressor body to vibrate.

2. The change in the gap between the suction and discharge of the recycle gas compressor caused by the pulsation of the airflow in the pipeline can cause the gas to pulsate-a gas column is formed when the pipeline of the reciprocating compressor is full of gas. The gas column is an elastic vibration system with continuous mass, which will vibrate when induced by certain working conditions-the direction of gas movement at the elbow of the unit piping system will change, so that the pipeline will be subjected to gas impact.

If there are too many elbows in the system pipeline, the impact force on the pipeline will be great. If there is no fixed fulcrum at the elbow, severe vibration will occur. When the fluid flows steadily, the pipeline does not vibrate; but when the fluid movement direction changes at the sudden change of the pipeline section, the fluid velocity changes, resulting in a change in the force of the pipeline-the local pressure in the pipeline changes, a certain pulsation is generated, and vibration is induced.

If there is pulsation in the pipe, the pressure of each part in the pipeline will be different, which will also form a source of vibration. Due to the large number of elbows in the pipe system, the fluid continuously changes the flow direction in the pipeline, causing an impact on the pipeline; and the state of the fluid itself also changes, when the vibration induced by these changes coincides with the natural frequency of the pipe system, resonance occurs.

Ⅱ. Measures to eliminate resonance of reciprocating compressor

The most basic method to eliminate resonance is to reduce the pulsation pressure of the airflow and fix it within the minimum allowable value so that the excitation frequency is not equal to the natural frequency of the pipeline. The specific methods are:

1. Set up a buffer tank close to the entrance and exit of each stage of the reciprocating compressor to change the natural frequency of the air column of the pipe system, destroy the coincidence of the vibration source and the vibration frequency of the pipe system, and reduce the amplitude of air flow pulsation. However, a poorly designed buffer tank volume can also cause vibration. Experience shows that it should be 10 times larger than the cylinder stroke volume and be as close as possible to the cylinder;

2. For reciprocating compressors, add a fixed support at the appropriate position of the piping system, especially the elbow of the pipeline, and add a hard rubber plate between the pipeline and the fulcrum to change the elasticity of the support and change the vibration frequency of the piping system;

3. The reciprocating compressor is equipped with an orifice plate at the appropriate position of the pipeline to change the vibration frequency of the pipe system. The use of an orifice plate to reduce vibration will be accompanied by a large resistance loss, so it is only used in situations where resonance has occurred and the cross section cannot be changed. Its role is far less than that of the buffer tank.

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