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What is the Working Principle of BOG Compressor?

What is the Working Principle of BOG Compressor?

1. The working principle of BOG compressor

The working principle of BOG compressor is to use the connecting rod to push the piston to move repeatedly to pressurize the gas and transport it out. BOG stands for Boil Off Gas, which refers to cryogenic liquids, such as LNG (-162°C), cryogenic propane (-40~-42°C), low-temperature alkanes (0~-2°C), etc., which evaporate after absorbing external heat in the storage tank. Into the gas.

With the increase of volatile gas in the storage tank, the pressure in the storage tank continues to rise. In order to maintain the pressure of the storage tank within the allowable range, it is generally necessary to compress BOG and then condense it into a liquid or output after compression.

2. What is BOG compressor?

The BOG compressor is a compressor used to compress BOG. Generally, BOG compressors use oil-free reciprocating compressors, and the working principle is the same as that of ordinary reciprocating compressors. The difference is that the inlet of the BOG compressor sucks in low-temperature gas. Therefore, the first-stage cylinder and piston of the compressor must be resistant to low temperatures and prevent icing. Oil-free lubrication is generally achieved by using labyrinth seals or special piston rings.

BOG compressor is a machine that compresses gas and increases gas pressure at the same time. It has a wide range of applications. Common applications include: HVAC, refrigeration cycle, provision of industrial driving power, silicon chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas transportation, etc. According to its operating principle, it can be divided into positive displacement compressor and gas dynamic compressor.

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